Telehealth, relevant to everyone!

Vitaphone Telemedicine

What is telehealth and what does it mean for the future? We stumbled upon a video of Dr. Malcolm Fisk which gives a very good explanation of the term ‘telehealth’. It also shows a very open and broad vision of telehealth with many opportunities. Watch the interview at Healthcare news or read the interview below.

“Telehealth is one aspect of the research done at the Age Research Centre, Coventry University. And here with me is the Co-director Dr. Malcolm Fisk. For people who don’t know, can you give me a definition of ‘telehealth’?”

The means by which people can access or the way that services are delivered through telephone, the internet or through communications technologies generally. Obviously we have seen a rapid development in the way that technologies are available to people and the role out of broadband has helped in this. So this means that we can start to…

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