The E-Therapy Revolution for Medicare Beneficiaries

Aging in America

One of the promises of the information technology revolution is disintermediation: basically the removal of middlemen from the supply chain, which reduces costs and increases convenience (which also adds tangible value) to a given transaction.

When it comes to psychotherapy or psychological testing services, middlemen abound. Office space isn’t cheap, and frequent no-shows add significantly to overhead. There’s often travel to and from the office for both the patient and the professional (unless the professional travels to the patient’s house, which is not uncommon in geropsychology).

Finally, there’s the issue of third-party-payors, such as HMOs, PPOs, and overwhelmingly in my field, Medicare. For psychologists and other mental health professionals, reimbursement rates for office visits continue to decline in markets across the U.S. (such has here, here, here, and here…. heck, it’s happening everywhere). Medicare also continues to…

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