VIDEO: Architects Need More Ears, Less Eyes on Hospitals

Speaker argues in favor of making hospitals less noisy, arguement for telemedicine

Expert Julian Treasure appeared at TED Talks in 2012 about acoustical design (watch accompanying video), arguing that noise raises the heart rate and architects need to start using, not only their eyes, but their ears.  With hospital noise doubling in the last 40 years, this is yet another problem that can be solved by telemedicine, seeking treatment in the comfort of your own home and staying away from noisy hospitals and doctors offices.

Treasure talked about how sound affects us all the time without knowing it.  The ambient sounds in an environment can affect human physiology, psychology, cognitive functions and behavior. He offered examples like public spaces, airplanes, classrooms and hospitals.  Designers need to look at ambiance, reverberation and interference. The most annoying part of his talk, and the most effective, was when he gave an example of how noise can affect our health. He simulated the sound of a hospital room and continued talking over the noise of the heart rate monitors and other ambient noises. ===> Continue to Video


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